Langa Lokulunga

Last weekend I got to hang out with fitness model Langa Lokulunga. I found out about him on Facebook when a mutual friend of ours shared one of his fitness posts, I was super impressed with his aesthetic and hit him up for a photographic collaboration immediately. The aim of this album is to visually […]

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Duncan Karl

Recently I caught up with Gaborone based model Duncan Karl for an impromptu fashion shoot. The concept behind the shoot was simply to merge vintage with modern articles of clothing. The combination of a vintage Louis Vuitton cross body bag, rose print blouse with distressed black skinny jeans and Nike sneakers creates a timeless statement […]

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Soweto Marathon 2017

On Saturday the 5th of November I traveled to Johannesburg as half of the two man social media influencer team for Diacore Gaborone Marathon to produce content on the Old Mutual Soweto Marathon and the runners endorsed by Diacore. Let me start by saying that I consider myself incredibly lucky, as the other influencer is […]

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Anthony Sebolai

A while ago I collaborated with Anthony Marcus Sebolai to create an album that portrayed self love and appreciation. I reckon we nailed it! For centuries, indigenous Africans have been subject to Western discretion, their bodies have been fantasised and fetished over, their skin has been demonised and their hair has been held captive to […]

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Who Gives a Fuck

Awhile ago, someone with quite a formidable online reputation and an even larger following, shared his opinions on homosexuality in Botswana and tried to pass them off as fact. He went as far as to leak private photos shared intimately between two people – as to how he acquired those photos, that’s anyone’s guess. He […]

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51 Shades of Basadi

Four days ago was Botswana’s 51st year of Independence and to celebrate it I’ve created a new photographic album to commemorate the women of Botswana. This year I wanted to create something that was centered around sex-based violence. This is a very emotional album and I do not want to get into why I felt […]

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Brandon Moyo

MILK – noun an opaque white fluid rich in fat and protein, secreted by female mammals for the nourishment of their young. This album was inspired by the “menaretrash” hashtag movement that set the internet ablaze by either women who understood the true meaning behind it, or ignorant and bruised boys who couldn’t bare the […]

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Bakang Lobelo

For a while now I have been wanting to create controversial photo albums that really get people talking. I want to challenge the societal construct that is ‘masculinity’ – the world we live in that dictates what is acceptable and what is not in the way a man lives. I feel that I have done […]

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