This is Me

IMG-20150320-WA0013.jpgWhatshattnin’ everybody. I’m Jordan, pleased to meet your virtual selves. My full name is Jordan Isaac Vos, but I prefer to be called Jordan Indigo Isaac. I was born in Pietermaritzburg the capitol of Kwa-Zulu Natal in South Africa. The hospital was called Grey’s Hospital, although in actual fact its more of a tan brick color, anyhow, my aunt trained there as a nurse and so my mom popped me out there, also, my mothers entire family inhabited the surrounding Midlands – this made it relatively easy for them to flock over the delightful newborn child. 18 years later, I am writing my first blog from a censored address in Selebi-Phikwe Botswana.

My first name was chosen by my lovely mother, as she felt a deep connection to its meaningful connotation – I’m very proud of my name as well. My second name is actually the English equivalent of a family name belonging to almost every man on my fathers side predating the invention of ox wagons – Izak; it is Afrikaans.

My surname Vos (pronounced – Foss or Veaux, depending on your degree of pretentiousness), used to be a blessing while I was in the primary stages of my education due to it being only three letters long. Of course ‘V’ is the 22nd letter in the alphabet, which meant I was almost always last in line when it came to anything from receiving my report card to having school photos taken on picture day.

In the more recent years I’ve learnt to deal with the hollow gaping of clerical workers as I presume to explain to them that my surname does actually begin with a ‘V’rather than an ‘F’, and I think it best not to argue with me because I should think I know how to spell my own surname better than they do. Most of the time the hollow gaping twists into utter confusion when I calmly say “V, V for Violets” so I say “Just use ‘Smith’, its my mothers maiden name”, which is met with even more confusion, because they cannot write what is not typed on my Omang ( ID document for Botswana Nationals ), so I extend my arm and gesture for the keyboard and type it myself, crack a joke about having to be paid to do their job which is only met by more hollow confusion.

My self appointed third name – Indigo, was chosen after reading The Indigo Children by Lee Carroll and Jan Tober. It seemed fitting as my favorite color as a toddler was any shade of purple, which of course meant my mother had to dye every starchy food I ingested with blue and red food gel, otherwise I would simply turn my nose upright. Nowadays I prefer a more sophisticated looking entre – turquoise colored starchy foods. Honestly typing, the book made a strong connection with me and I finally understood why I was different – I am an Indigo Child.

Over the years I have been fortunate enough to travel all over Southern Africa alongside my mother. She is a full time teacher, who has enabled me to enroll in some of Southern Africa’s best private schools. Due to my mothers awesome work ethic I have lived everywhere from the vast dry Makgadikgadi Salt Pans in Central Botswana to the luscious tropical Soutpansberg Mountains in Limpopo South Africa. I wrote my very last Biology Multiple Choice AS-Level exam on Friday the 13th and I am officially done with school. Now I am looking forward to the holidays with my mother and relatives, while I anxiously await the next chapter in life, which will hopefully see me enroll at AFDA in Johannesburg to study Live Performance for Screen next year.

This has been a quick introduction to me and my past life experiences and many more to come. Like, follow, subscribe or whatever it is you do on a blog to my blog to keep reading about my bizarre odysseys and encounters.

Have a great one.

PS. I’m the peroxide blond one in the photo.


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