United not Divided


Recently the disgusting actions of an individual managed to create such a vast divide between two races of people by tearing away at a scab which has only so recently begun to heal.These vile and bigoted words which she so maliciously posted on her Facebook page for the whole world to see have simply fueled more hatred among already bitter hearts. She has managed to steal from us – a young, peaceful, educated, empowered and united generation, the very peace which our parents, grandparents, great-grandparents and our ancestors did not have. It is time to put an end to the individuals who threaten the peace with their racist and bigoted beliefs.

I was born in 1997, and thankfully, never had to experience the heinous oppression of an entire race, or the white-on-white and black-on-black violence when one was opposed to the ideas shared among their own race, but I have had to live through a time of supposed reconciliation, that is in fact simmering with festering hate. It is time for us to unite as one race – the human race, and stand against the ignorant, hateful and unchanging racists who continue to fuel something that could be laid to rest – painful as it is, we can place the hate, anger and sorrow in the past and move forward. It could be such a bitter-sweet thing for us to do – acknowledge the wrong doings, the pain, the years of oppression, the deaths, the violence and use what good we have left in our hearts to forgive. We are humans and we will never forget, but we are the born-free generation and we can learn from the mistakes of the older generations and chose to be the generation who fought our own hearts and won them over. We can master our emotions, and if we chose to do so, we can make peace – in ourselves first and then with others.

Racism, prejudice and hate is not something we are born with, we are taught it – in our homes, schools, places of worship, shops, communities even on the radio and in magazines. Now we are dealing with it spreading over the internet. Racism will always be an imminent threat, unless we decide to change that. Learn to control our tongues and fists. Learn to ignore barbed racist remarks and comments – I know how excruciatingly painful it is, but we have to be the generation who is strong and courageous enough to actually live by Nelson Mandela’s example.

I think the key to realizing a racism-free society is us. The young generation who are fortunate enough to have relationships with people of different races, cultures and tribes. We are able to be friends with people who introduce us to different and exotic meals and music.

We are the generation who should stand united and embrace everyone for who they as a human and not the pigment of their skin.

Stay safe and be blessed.


One thought on “United not Divided

  1. Amen! We may have our differences but we shouldn’t breed hate – I don’t see how that has ever been a solution to any of the world’s problems.

    P.S. Yeah you’re probably surprised that I read your blogs, but when I see a topic like this I’m instantly hooked since it’s something I am also passionate about.


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