Pretty Pink Piggies Club


The Pretty Pink Piggies Club started with a simple picnic at the Anne Adams Park – a local sanctuary for misfit individuals like myself. What was meant to be a once off Saturday picnic at the park with my mates Cukie and Sophia turned into a weekly ritual.

Our weeks seem to fly by as our stomachs anticipate the next Saturday picnic. The club has adopted several others; Kevin, Thato and Tapedza.Usually our day starts with us meeting at Choppies (local supermarket franchise) and buying whatever we feel like eating – if our budgets allow for it, we’re balling on a budget here.

We fill our backpacks and Cukie’s handbag with chocolates, muffins, donuts, Chelsea buns, Doritos, Nik Naks and whatever else we feel like devouring.


Normally a quick stop at Liquorama is on our list of priorities to get some vodka to mix with fruit juice. Most of the time we’ve spent all our cash on food so we just drink fruit juice or water.


Our final stop before the park is the local Ice Cream parlour. The tiny shoebox of a store is camouflaged in a row of electrical appliance stores so you need a keen eye to spot it. The congenial lady knows us all too well and will often squeeze a little extra ice cream into my cup for me.

Finally we make our way to the park and settle under a tree or atop a hill. Once the food has been neatly unpacked and displayed for quick photo opps its every man for himself.


We bob to Sophia’s German house and RnB, twerk to my Nicki Minaj playlist and dab to Cukie’s trap music.

When the food is finished we go home.

Take care



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