Botswana Blues 

With the 50th Botswana Independence Celebrations less than 50 days from now, its no wonder peoples patriotic sides are blossoming. Botswana blues are a fundamental wardrobe necessity for every Motswana. In this blog I will summarise the best way you can show off your patriotic side without looking like the controversial zeraffe.

First things first, get yourself a Botswana blue button down long sleeved shirt. Button downs are one of the most versatile pieces that a person can own. You can either wear your button down shirt done up with a grey hooded cardigan over the top, or for a more chilled vibe wear it open over a crisp white tee – this keeps the look clean and minimal. If you want an all out laid back skater look, roll your sleeves up.

Keeping with the trends, opt for a pair of ripped denim jeans, try to keep them within an analogous spectrum of blacks and greys, this will keep your look fashionable. Personally I loved ripped denim because it gives such an edgy feel to any look, obviously you don’t want to look like you got into a fight with a hedge trimmer on your way to campus, but you do want to look on trend.

You can slip on a pair of plimsoles or any sneaker silhouette really, this will give you a more athletic sporty vibe, yet you won’t look like you’ve run off a track.

Tie your patriotic look together with a cap if you’d like. The beige baseball cap reminds me of the formidable agricultural industry of Botswana so it has symbolic meaning to me personally, also, its very ‘Yeezy Season 3’ so that bumps up your outfits profile by about 100 points. If you’re not into the baseball athletic look and want more of an old school hip hop look, stick to a black snap back, rock it to the back and you’ll master the swaggety swaggster look.

Big thank you to Katlego Ntirang and Benstar for allowing me to photograph them.

Thanks for reading my first couture blog.

Take care. Xx


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