Contemporary Culture

The world as once was known by our great ancestors has forever changed – it has shrunk, not literally, but figuratively. With so many people traveling and migrating they are sharing their cultures along the way, we as people are becoming interculturally linked. Personally I feel like this is a magnificent thing to be a part of – we are more exposed to different ways of life, mannerisms, foods, hairstyles and my very favourite – fashion!

In a world where things evolve at an unnaturally quick speed, how do we preserve our cultures while remaining modern? This is achieved through clothing. In this blog I will briefly discuss your options when it comes to steezing an African (I use this word because so many modernized traditional outfits have been stemmed from all over Africa, so I see it as one jubilant celebration of unified African progress) outfit while keeping on trend.

A shirt or dashiki inspired top is always the easiest way to obtain a cultural look. These designs use intricate embroidery along the collar bones and down the neckline resulting in a regal look that reminds me of ancient Egyptian necklaces. The balloon-like short sleeves give volume and strength to the look, while the body of the shirt is usually long-line with two symmetrical pockets on either side of the front panel. The look above has a highly trendy feel about it because from far the shirt appears to be white paired with black drop-crotch jeans, however; the closer you get you’ll notice the zebra graphics on the shirt. These zebra graphics make a boldly patriotic statement for any Motswana.

To add a bit of edge to your outfit, pop on a septum ring and you’re ready to slay the day. Pull on a pair of black tapered cut trousers with a fresh pair of kicks and you will run the town. 

Thank you for reading this and I sincerely hope you have a new perspective on traditionally inspired clothing. 

Big thank you to Resego Motswakhumo for modeling for this post. 

See you again next Monday for a new blog post in the couture category. 

Take care. Xx


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