Summer, Shades and Sweats

Summer is upon us and temperatures are beginning to heighten – so why not bring the heat yourself? Several days ago I met up with a friend of mine to snap some photographs of his summer style. Here’s how you too can get that casual summer look without looking like you’re heading to Durban with a beach towel and a pair of pattapatta.

You’ll need a button down printed shirt, not the quintessential “I stole my grandfathers shirt that he bought while on holiday in the Caribbean 20 years ago” shirt, but a more modern shirt. Try an Aztec or Afro print button down shirt, a proud collar and symmetrical button placement on the shirt give the outfit enough structure to be taken seriously. A bold print on a darker colour will give the shirt more of a pop without making you pop.

Personally, I love these schoolboy looking sweats with the ankle cuffs, they are so relaxed and comfortable, while adding just the right amount of sophistication to the outfit because of their grey cotton texture. If you’re looking to step out this summer without having to wear short shorts, just try a pair of chilled sweats and even push the ankle cuffs up to show a little extra skin – try to to refrain from purchasing any harem cuts, it is all about tapered trousers at the moment.

Slip on some crisp white ankle socks and slide a pair of slip ons over those. You cannot wander astray with a pair of black and white slip ons. These keep your outfit firmly grounded and make it more trendy, even a pair of clean low cut Chucks will do.

Lastly, the most important accessory. Your shades. Invest in a good pair or two of shades. Don’t splash out on something that the sales woman says you look grand in, find something that you genuinely feel comfortable wearing and make sure they fit your facial structure. Vibrant incandescent colours were huge last year and seem to be here for good, so get a funky pair to be on trend. Try to stick to colours that complement your complexion, ie: Khumiso wears a pair of gold framed shades with tanzanite lenses, and he looks gorgeous.

Thank you to Khumiso Mmusi who is this weeks gorgeous model.

Thank you for readying this weeks blog on couture, come back next Monday to see what I have in store for you.



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