In My Skin


On Saturday I had the pleasure of meeting several great individuals who shared one idea. This idea was to come together to raise awareness about albinism. Albinism is a skin condition that is caused by a lack of melanin pigment which means that the colour of their skin is often very pale. People with albinism are very sensitive to UV rays which causes the to burn in the sun at a faster rate than people with melanin, their eyesight is not too strong either, other than that they are normal people.

My friend Naledi Ramaabya contacted me and told me about her idea and that she needed a photographer to visualize and capture it. I jumped at the opportunity and loved every moment of it. I would like to thank Louis Mhlanga, Janet Nkaklie, Boipelo Bibiyana Moebu and Rattie for being so patient with me and working so well in the hot afternoon sun. They brought their A games and they slayed the very first In My Skin campaign shoot.





Please give the In My Skin campaign Facebook page a like to show your support for people with albinism. Photography by Jordan Indigo Isaac.

Thank you for reading this blog, till next time, take care. Xx


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