Retro Knits 

So Spring is in the air, along with all of its unpleasant micro assassins – dust, pollen and pathogens. Don’t get me wrong, I love Spring, its a glorious time, but here in Botswana it tends to be a viciously windy and dusty season as the new rains are being blown inland. Not to despair, I have your fashion needs covered.

If you want to keep your wardrobe looking light and airy for Spring, but stay warm to combat the sudden cold fronts that blindside us and tear apart our weekend plans, then you’ve got to invest in either a retro or vintage knitted jumper.

There is something so casually sensual about a retro jersey that can’t actually be found in a brand new off the rack jersey. The size should always be a little larger than your usual size, not too baggy, but you want to have buoyancy in the knits and knots – this is imperative to the retro look as it must look like you borrowed a jumper from your grandparents wardrobe and slipped it on effortlessly.

When selecting your throwback jersey, be mindful of the season and try to keep to the paler hues. Resego wears a baby powder blue jersey which helps the overall look remain fashion forward. Dotse wears a smokey grey diamond knitted jersey, grey will always be a sophisticated color and will probably look so in most seasons.

Pull on a pair of black drop crotch or slim fit denim jeans and you are ready to walk the walk. Black leg silhouettes create the optical illusion of you being thinner than you are, this will also keep eyes on your lovely new/old jumper.

Invest in a pair of vibrant authentic sneakers, like the Camo Nike Kaishi’s to give your look an athletic vibe or a pair of colorful Adidas Superstars to keep your look timeless yet oh so swaggy. Thank you to these gorgeous models Dotse Tsheko and Resego Motswakhumo – both young men are currently high school students and already have hefty modelling portfolios.

Dotse Tsheko
Resego Motswakhumo

Thank you so much for reading. Have a blessed week and keep warm. Xx


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