Campus King

Student life is tough as it is already – take that and add a dash of blogging, photography, modelling and editing and you end up with broken sleeping, eating and socializing patterns. Most of you are pushing your own hustles in your respective fields and industries, and for doing that plus holding down your tertiary education, I salute you.

This blog is just a quick look at one of my looks this week. Being so busy with pushing my hustle and education, I find solace in dressing a certain way – especially since I am a live performance student which means I am always in a pair of Nike sweats and a baggy T-shirt, I enjoy pulling new stuff or unworn clothes that I’ve had for ages from my clothing rack and dressing up a little bit to shut down campus. Lol, nah, I just have a lot to compete with at AFDA – what with the likes of Dilla, Katlego Ntirang and so many others, I have to step up.

This military green long line top with the thumb incisions, hood and shoulder zip from Markham, that actually came with a tail – which I removed to bring it up to trend and give it a laid back more versatile look; tucked into a black pair of dungarees from Mr Price gave me the perfect chilled look for campus.

Quick selfie and hair touch up moment before the impromptu photo shoot began. This Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is literally the greatest blessing ever, it has enabled me to operate to my maximum efficiency. This little computer has equipped me with the world at my fingertips, I can’t stress enough how important it is to have a reliable smart device to keep your hustle game on point and in check all the time.

I prefer clean solid colours. These are easier on the eye and give your look a firmer appearance. Black and military green has been on trend for ages now – this is my spin on how to pair the colours.

I popped on my pair of Nike Air Flight 89 LE in the bamboo colour for a 90s hip hop vibe. The trick to being swaggy is being comfortable with trying new fashion items. I have never worn a pair of dungarees before, so this was quite strange for me, but I reckon it looked great.

Thank you to Takunda Hove for taking these lovely photos – checkout his  Facebook page L’OVE Photography and drop a like, he’s got mad skills.

Thank you for reading my blog. Xx


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