Gentle Bantu Heir

I have decided to start a new feature on my blog – Jordan Indigo Isaac WWC (weekly woman crush), which will be a feature blog reserved exclusively for women shot by me. This week my lens was on Mimi Amani Koyabe. The title of this blog and album is attributed to the fact that Mimi has a vast heritage and like many African women, she fully embraces her rich cultural heritage and embodies it. Stemming from a predominantly Bantu tribe that settled in Kenya, Mimi’s family has come to have a Japanese surname as well – she is not entirely sure of how this happened, but it weaves more golden threads of deep cultural heritage into her genes nonetheless.

My introduction to Mimi was on my first day at AFDA. I could not get over her genuine humbleness, which I believe gave her such a powerful edge and sense of dominance – everyone looks up to her and seeks her advice. That’s just the way it is.

Mimi is kind and gentle, and extremely patient as well. I look up to her in that I would like to be able to communicate with people the way she does. She demands respect naturally because she treats everyone with respect, I feel as though these attributes make her a beautiful woman through and through. She is majoring in live performance yet with the constant workout classes and IVM sessions she always looks clean and polished, I don’t know how she does it. I later found out that Mimi is the student body president too – bae goals!

This young powerhouse is a style icon too. Drawing from her wide range of vintage buys and retro bargains, she has built herself a versatile wardrobe that’s second to none. In this album, Mimi wears a butterscotch cotton button down waterfall coat with a mustard yellow jumpsuit with exaggerated frills over the bust.


These vibrant yellows just go to show how vibrant Mimi is and that she really is not afraid to wear one of the most difficult colours to pull off.

Thank you to Mimi for chatting to me and allowing me to feature her on my blog.

Thank you for reading. Xx


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