Liberated Souls


With strong relations to the youth and the way they are often molded into synthetic soldiers that are released into a vicious world; this blog will take a visual approach to the way young adults may become liberated once they have broken free from mundane societal ideologies and expectations.

Most educational institutions provide the youth with an education – an education that unless a pupil has funding to apply that education in a tertiary environment, could otherwise be rendered useless. A quick disclaimer – these are my thoughts and opinions, not proven statistics. Not every individual is an academic. This means that their natural capabilities lie elsewhere; more likely than not, if you’re not an academic, you’re a creative. My argument now comes into play; why are most youth at high school level expected to study the exact same syllabus that grades them on their ability to authentically and “logically” regurgitate information that was decided to be vital to the upbringing and education of the masses centuries ago?

If it weren’t for several insightful and exceptional teachers who truly encourage students to develop their creative abilities, depression would be a very common mental illness for many teenagers and youth in the world. Institutionalizing every teenager and impounding into them “logical” thinking abilities while ignoring actual life lessons that prepare students to open bank accounts, pay taxes, budget and so forth, is wrong. Forcing students to study subjects that will more likely than not, play a practical role in their lives is backward and outdated.

In this twentieth century the world revolves around money. For money to keep circulating, there needs to be a demand for services and products – these services and products are visualized by creatives. The people that think outside of the cuboid are the people that are sought after in the industries to bring new life into companies. There is a clear demand for creative art directors, photographers, visual curators, designers, artists and many more – so why are these natural avocations and talents not being openly encouraged to flourish at a primary, secondary and senior secondary level?

My point is, if everyone were inspired and encouraged to go their self chosen path to either develop their naturally creative sides or be academically stimulated and solve problems, the world just might be a more effective place. The creative youth wouldn’t have to seek liberation through stressful transitions and wouldn’t have negative outlooks on the educational structure.

People being creative and being allowed to express themselves from a young age should not be a constant battle against outdated educational structures. Let’s be a part of a world that sees the happiness in everyone and not only natural academics. Let’s liberate our souls and allow others to liberate themselves too.











Thank you to Brandon Simbarashe Moyo and Brooks Tess who were more than enthusiastic about this concept.

For any feedback, thoughts and/or comments please tweet at me ‘@jordanindigo

Thank you for reading. Take care and stay blessed. Xx



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