Botswana Brands – Mothers For All


I have decided to start a new monthly feature blog on local brands within Botswana. These brands can produce any products or services as long as they were founded in Botswana. My first featured brand is a registered charitable trust called Mothers For All. After meeting with Tshwarelo Selebi Phikwes’ Mothers For All spokesperson and head sales associate I found out just how deep this charitable trust runs among Batswana women.


In 2008 a group of women called Phikwe Mothers spearheaded by Janette Dunlop, who created beads out of recycled paper began to venture out into smaller more rural areas to offer their skills to other women with little or no income. Phikwe Mothers began training classes to accommodate more women who sought out this innovative employment scheme; due to swelling numbers of mothers who wanted to gain access to these new skills, Phikwe Mothers registered as a charitable trust within Botswana under the new name Mothers For All.


The name Mothers For All stems from the fact that the women benefiting from the sale of their handcrafted jewelry are actually adoptive mothers and/or guardians of orphans and vulnerable children. These incredible women offer their love, care, support, protection and homes to children who are desperate and in dire needs of a loving home.

Some of the donations and profits go to paying school fees for young adults that had to drop out of high school due to personal circumstances. These donations enable them to complete their form five education so they are eligible to apply for government sponsorship to further their horizons by entering the tertiary sector.


As some insight into the making of these innovative jewelry pieces – for the standard 1.5cm bead, a whole sheet of A4 paper is cut into five pieces and five beads can be rolled in one day – some necklaces have over sixty beads on them! It is a very lengthy and labour intensive process in comparison to the affordability of the one-of-a-kind handcrafted jewelry pieces.

Currently Mothers For All benefits sixty women in Botswana, and about three times that amount of children and teenagers.

Thank you to these gorgeous models Gorata Ntungwana and Sicolette Abang Mokgano for working with me on this shoot. Thank you to our lovely behind the scenes stylist and Mothers For All volunteer Sophia Woi. Photos taken by Jordan Indigo Isaac with a Samsung Galaxy S7Edge.


If you would like to make a donation or purchase a Mothers For All product visit their Facebook page @MothersForAll or

Thank you for reading. Xx


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