Flourishing Imaginations


Yesterday I arrived home after being gone for just over a week. It had been a tiresome bus ride from Phikwe to Gabs followed by a bouncy combi ride to my home in Oodi. When I finally walked in through the yard gates I was met by the delightful sight of these little girls playing in the mud. They were baking all sorts of delicious delicacies with soil and water as their preferred ingredients. Their joy and mirth that was found in simply playing with nothing but each other, some old utensils and bits and pieces really made me miss being a child.



These young girls were not bothered by the sand and dust that settled on their chins and hands. They just allowed themselves to be lost in the moment and truly enjoy what they were doing. This provoked my brain. I started thinking about how much time I allow myself to really be absorbed by something and let myself relax and enjoy it. Some times we are so busy chasing our goals and dreams that we forget to reflect on the soul purpose we set out to achieve those dreams in the first place. The relevance between you, myself and these girls, is that we all need some time, even an hour, to just let go of everything and channel our energy into something completely different. For this to be a reality, you need to be in touch with your imagination.



Like these young girls, I was once young too. I remember how I spent countless hours imagining all sorts of situations and happenings. Perhaps I can attribute my incredible imagination to being an only child and how I often had to entertain myself. I would pretend to be an archaeologist and dig for dinosaur bones in our backyard, climb trees and pretend to be Tarzan and even spend hours in the swimming pool pretending to be on the sinking Titanic. I allowed myself to be immersed in a make believe world. This may not seem like a big deal, but in order to be a creative and create, you need to have an imagination.


Take the time to think outside the box and let your mind meander. Don’t go crazy and lose yourself completely, just let your mind ponder different things and let it create within itself.


Have yourself a blessed week and don’t ever feel afraid to get your hands dirty, even if its only to bake some muddy magwinya.

Take care. Xx


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