Fitness Freakz BW


Last Saturday I linked up with four incredible young men. These men share one main objective -to inspire the men and women of Botswana to get fit. Just by looking at their built, shredded and proportionate physiques it really is easy to see that they strongly believe in their fitness.


Bros that workout together, stay strong together. What started out as normal individual workout regimes among four men became a quadruple of elite young men that united to form Fitness Freakz BW.


The main concept behind Fitness Freakz BW is to motivate general well being and fit and healthy lifestyles among Batswana. While religiously spending no less than two hours in the National Stadium gymnasium per day, these men find time to lead their separate lives as well, not to mention building their budding modeling careers. Another perspective that Fitness Freakz BW would like to share is their ability to positively encourage fitness modeling in Botswana – they saw a gap in the modeling industry in Botswana and are currently filling it. Lets meet the team!



Sesha Basinoko says he prefers doing barbell rows which develop the thickness and width of his back.



Odirileng Lucas enjoys doing squats which strengthen his quadrilateral muscles.



Larona Gilbert Thabano. His favorite exercise is the lat pull down which works his back muscles.



Ithueng Moriski says he enjoys doing cable flyers which pump his chest.



Checkout the Fitness Freakz BW Facebook page to get a closer look at what they get up to on a daily basis and also learn some handy tips and tricks for when you’re in the gym.

Thanks for reading. Xx


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