Breaking Bold 

Breaking Bold is a series of blogs written and photographed by me in order to share a powerful social message. 

This series of blogs will feature one young man from Southern Africa on a weekly basis and it will take an in depth look at how hypermasculine stereotypes, stigmas, ideologies and traditions have altered their perception on male fashion. 

Lets define hypermasculinity shall we : (a physiological term) the exaggeration of male stereotypical behaviour, such as physical strength, aggression and sexuality. From birth men are taught to be strong, aggressive, competitive, “chivalrous” etc. They are taught to hide their emotions: that any signs of sadness and displays of love are weak. That anything that is so called “feminine” makes them less of a man, and that carrying a purse or pouch, or wearing makeup or nail polish makes them “gay”. Boys are sad, boys cry, boys love and show their love, and boys can be fashion forward too. Boys can wear skirts, earrings, chokers, crop tops, heeled shoes, short shorts, lace, velvet, silk, satin and many other things that are (wrongly) genderized as only things that girls can wear. Boys are straight, gay, bi, pan, trans, and so many others and they should never be stripped of their ability to express themselves exactly how they want and to be nothing less than exactly who they are. 

I want nothing more than to communicate with you lovely readers and followers of my blog that a way a man dresses does not represent his sexuality. 

Men should be openly encouraged to experiment with fashion and use it as a way of personal expression. Lets all be unique individuals and encourage the flourishing of young men around us, through ones own sense of style and individuality. 

Thank you for reading this introduction. I sincerely hope you enjoy the blogs to come as I have worked very hard to make them as diverse as possible. 

Have a blessed one. Xx


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