Breaking Bold – Sharif Miller


Sharif Miller is the first boy featured in the Breaking Bold premier blog. At first glance it is rather blatant that Sharif has an incredibly bold fashion sense and has used it powerfully to construct his audacious authentic style.

While sipping on a glass of iced apple tea, I had a chat with Sharif about his personal style and whether or not it has been affected by hypermasculine stereotypes. During this young interview I learnt a great deal about his authentic look and what influences his fashion choices.

Firstly Sharif explained that he is very experimental with fashion and considers his style adaptable to the current season – keeping his style as practical as possible, hence his vibrant orange Puma crop top that exudes fresh summer vibes. This was the first time either of us had met – I will not forget how envious I was when I noticed Sharifs mind blowing trousers, (they were the first thing I noticed), so I had to ask him all about them. Drawing inspiration from Gucci FW16 Sharif decided to give his Chino trousers a bit of his magic creative touch. Sharif hand painted his trousers, so they truly are one-of-a-kind, which underpins who he is as well. His chosen pair of Stan Smiths with red detailing were inspired by Asap Rocky and his ability to pull off the classic sneaker silhouette paired with almost psychedelic socks – Sharif nailed it! Sharif did not need to explain his nude Polo baseball cap as it can be seen all over his Instagram feed and I believe it might be his fave cap.

He confided in me that that was the first day his mother and his uncle had seen him in a crop top and they were nonchalant toward his bold style. Sharif reckons he has not had to deal with hypermasculine stereotypes because he believes it comes down to how he carries himself, and if he presents himself in a confident manner it leaves no room for judgement or discrimination.

Sharif said something that will stay with me forever; “If you’re going to wear something different, own it!”











Contact Sharif via his Instagram page @millerficent

Visit next Monday to see who will be featured next.

Thank you for reading. Xx


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