Breaking Bold – GeeGee Straus


GeeGee Straus is the second boy featured in the Breaking Bold blog series. With his flared A-line skirt and extreme crop top it is not a trying task to see why he is the perfect advocate for the dismantling of hypermasculinity.

After GeeGee hauled his sweatpants back on to shield his shivering legs from the abnormally chilly wind in a CBD parking lot, we began our chat about his fashion sense and what motivates him to be bolder than any other young male in Botswana, as we walked on to the bus station after the shoot.

GeeGee described his style as “simple yet daring”, which is evident in his casual outfit photographed in the above and below photos. GeeGee explained that he only recently got into wearing skirts because he had always wanted to and when he noticed how no Motswana men had posted any photos wearing skirts he jumped at the opportunity to set a trend and break male fashion stereotypes in Botswana, resulting in his online movement ‘#BoysInSkirts’. It was a hunt and half to find the perfect skirt, GeeGee eventually found his navy and green plaid skirt from a flee market and had to have it altered by his friend who gave it a full on slit up the thigh so it can be used as an over the shoulder cape. His extreme crop top was cut by him, he felt that he needed something to workout in and ended up with this cool white breezy top. GeeGee wore his fave pair of Old Skool Vans that give his outfit such a chilled vibe that he reckons keeps his look grounded and not too out there.

GeeGee shared with me that he feels like his ability to wear such daring and typically feminine clothing comes from the fact that he blatantly ignores peoples comments and judgement. He gets dressed and if he looks good, he feels good, so GeeGee says he really is not getting dressed for anyone else but himself.

GeeGee’s advice to young men who are using fashion to express themselves is, “If you look good in it and it uplifts your mood, rock it!”











Contact GeeGee via his Instagram page @geegee_straus and checkout his Facebook page GeeGee Straus.

Visit next Monday to see who will be featured next.

Thank you for reading. Xx





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