Breaking Bold – Nelly


Nelly is the third boy featured in the Breaking Bold blog series. Turning heads and pulling stares wherever he swags due to his multiple piercings and unrestricted tattoos, he truly is a young man with a bold trademark style.

I met Nelly at a shopping mall on a Saturday morning and was instantly struck by his anomalous style and resolute presence. After introducing myself and explaining the concept and message behind the Breaking Bold blog series he avidly agreed to a quick photo session and little chat about his avant-garde everyday style. This is a very special feature for me because it was impromptu, which enhances the beauty of my Breaking Bold blog series by underpinning that these young men are everyday men with authentic style.

Nelly can’t remember how old he was when he had his first tattoo done nor does he care to divulge the sentiment behind each and every intricate art piece on his body. He giggled as he told me that he has lost count of how many piercings he has, but assured me that none of them are painful or impede his daily face washing routine. His “Trapp” tattoo on his neck explains where he draws most of his style inspiration from – a die hard trap hitta, he says everything about him is influenced by the Afro-American Trap culture. Peroxide blond dreads, tattoo sleeves, piercings and his casual street look are what give him a sense of belonging to the influential culture. His Urban Soul T-shirt (a local street wear brand from Botswana) is courtesy of his friend who works at an outlet and his olive drop crotch bull denim elasticated pants were bought from Mr Price because of their comfortable fit and affordability.

Nelly says he doesn’t notice the stares, gawks and finger pointing anymore. He just does him and doesn’t care what others think, and that is his message to you.












Visit next Monday to see who will be featured next.

Thank you for reading. Xx



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