Breaking Bold – Khumiso Mmusi


Khumiso Mmusi is the fourth boy featured in the Breaking Bold blog series. Khumiso is one of the sweetest young men I have ever met, and unfortunately because he is so kind and caring and in touch with his emotions he often deals with discrimination and judgement, so his style sense has been hindered in a way. Against all slander regarding his sexual identification Khumiso has established himself as a classy metrosexual male with a casual-luxe everyday style.

This was the third time I had taken photos of Khumiso and his classic country club look was no exception. He wore a nautical influenced bucket hat and a pair of pale plimsoles by Soviet – his trademark must wears. His stone hued trousers with his untacked white button down shirt added a posh yet laid back feeling to his overall outfit which he goofed up with a pair of black brimmed nerdy spectacles. After meeting up below the Main Deck balcony we explored Main Mall and found a grey building opposite a busy car parking lot – we got straight to work.

Khumsio explained to me in a heartfelt Facebook message his motivation behind creating his classic yet causal gentleman style and why he will continue to do so.

Having dealt with gender based stereotypes in his community, Khumiso has been verbally and emotionally affected by the backward opinions of people all around him. He explained to me that he intends to start toning and shaping up so that he is able to pull off more outfits that push boundaries. I personally commend Khumiso and his plight for men to dress however they want to regardless of peoples speculation and opinions on their sexual orientation.

Khumiso has a message he would like to share with young men who are developing their own style image and that is “The things that you are passionate about are not random, they are a calling and thus, you should embrace them!”











Visit next Monday to see who is featured next.

Thank you for reading. Xx




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