Egoli: Place of Gold – JII Travels


Recently I travelled to Johannesburg to meet and work with several young men to feature on my Breaking Bold series. While the nature of my trip was work, I did indulge in some fine dining, extravagant expenditure and wild clubbing. The following are photos from my trip.

As a treat to myself I allowed myself to have several cheat days and luxuriate in a plethora of sweet treats ranging from every available flavour of Krispy Kreme donuts, not forgetting to order two red velvet donuts which are my fave. Every flavour of Geldhof handmade chocolate truffles, my personal favourite being the almond truffles and dark champagne truffles. I had to stop by the Nespresso store to snap a photo of their golden display of Dolce Gusto pods. With a playlist of afro-inspired blues and tribal indian hymns Tashas on Mandela Square in Sandton is the ultimate breakfast spot to ease yourself into the bustling way of life in the richest square mile in Africa. Served by Smangele Dube and Lillian Malinga I ordered hot chocolate and Pain Perdu, which is brioche french toast, berries, mascarpone and creme anglaise. The brioche had a crisp caramelised outer crust with a delicate sponge centre; the voluptuous cream was whipped to perfection and topped with the freshest and zestiest berry blaze, it was a decadently delightful mouthful to indulge in. As if my love for almonds was not strong enough, I had to run into the Bread Basket in Sandton City to pick up some almond croissants and mini Baklava rolls as well as a handful of almond flavoured oriental biscuits. Lastly I tucked into a packet of gold coated chocolate covered almonds on the bus ride home.

Prada on the Diamond Walk in Sandton City is my ultimate shopping stop, not for actual swiping but rather the photo opportunities as the store has a splendid aesthetic and their window displays are always awe inspiring. The lobby leading from the Sandton Sun into the Diamond Walk is truly breathtaking. The ceilings are gold leafed and the crystal chandelier has to be over 20 metres long. It is safe to say that Johannesburg truly is the place of gold.












For more info on the aforementioned venues please tweet at me @jordanindigoboy

Thank you for reading. Xx


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