Acelga Esteves


Acelga Esteves is an award winning Angolan fashion and lifestyle blogger and she is my first international collaboration. We came together to create a series of albums that celebrate a woman’s beauty in pregnancy. This album is titled “Style of a Mother Fashionista: Pools Day”, which saw Acelga wade in almost freezing water for several long drawn minutes just to get the perfect shots for both of our websites. The results just go to show that a woman can be sexy and youthful while with child.

I would like to thank Acelga for her constant gentle guidance and insightful advice. She has blessed me with the opportunity to take photos of life within a life, that is possibly the most precious thing ever! Also I would like to extend my thanks to Tatyana Simao Mbiavango, Acelgas manager, who curated the entire collaboration all the way in Angola while Acelga and I were in Botswana.





Visit for the full album and blog by Acelga herself. Give her FB page Carrega By AC a like and get the latest content.

Thank you for reading. Xx



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