Breaking Bold – Lethabo Bereng


Lethabo Bereng is the fifth featured boy in my Breaking Bold blog series. With his shredded high waisted jeans and austentascious accessories it is not hard to see why he is a breaker of bold.

Before sipping on a Jackie D and Appetiser at Great Dane in Braamfontein, Lethabo and I literally scouted every street and back alley in Braam to find the perfect location, eventually we decided to head back to where we met and reassess our decision to shoot in Braam, when Lethabo walked past a black window with orange font. I cried for him to stop and stance, he did so and the results are below.

Lethabo explained to me over a WhatsApp message that his style has recently been influenced by a gentleman named Wanda who he follows on Instagram (@_wandam_ ). Lethabo says he has drawn inspiration from Wandas ability to rock just about anything with high waist jeans, so it was imperative for him to wear a pair of high waists for his feature shoot and collaboration on my Breaking Bold series. Lethabo is naturally a vibrant person so his choice of floral blouse was fitting for the concept of expressing oneself through fashion, he borrowed the blouse from his friend who bought it before he could while they were thrift shopping together. The purple Dr Martens worn by Lethabo are a symbol of his success, as he explained to me that he grew up seeing them in magazines, music videos and various other cool platforms, however he could not afford them and so he promised himself he would buy a pair when he could afford to. He actually gets quite emotional over his Dr Martens as he has attached great sentiment to them because they remind him of where he has come from and what he has achieved, be it professionally, personally or psychologically. Lastly, Lethabo divulges the sentiment behind his divine bling – a friend of his at drama school would sell handmade jewellery from reused kitchen utensils, and ever since then he has been hooked on accessories such as watches, shades, bracelets and rings.

Lethabo is a talented seasoned actor who has played many a role in several SABC 1,2 and 3 TV series, his latest role being in Mamello on SABC 2 at 21:30. So one would assume that it is easy for him to dress however he pleases and hit the bustling streets of Johannesburg. This is not always the case, as Lethabo confides in me. He explained that it is not easy for him to wear high waist jeans in certain parts of the city where people are less accepting and liberal and that it is almost impossible for him to dress how he wants in his hometown which is more rural hence more traditional. He combats this by wearing sweatpants and white T-shirts, which are more comfortable to run day-to-day errands in like attending meetings and auditions, however he still gets irritated that he can’t feel totally free to dress how he wants whenever he wants due to external mindsets and ideologies.

Lethabo has some advice he would like to share with any young men that would like to start exploring the ladies sections of clothing stores; “Its not about what you wear, but how you wear it.”











Visit Lethabo’s IG page @lethabo_b to see more of his BOLD style!

Come back next Monday to see the next featured boy in the Breaking Bold blog series.

Thank you for reading. Take care and stay blessed. Xx


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