Breaking Bold – Night Le Roux


Night Le Roux is the sixth featured boy in my Breaking Bold blog series. Casually strutting around in his predominantly pink outfit, Night steals glances from every direction, thus cementing it in my mind that he is perfect for this collaboration.

While sipping on a gingerbread latte on the Starbucks verandah in Rosebank, Night and I had a lengthly banter about gender based fashion, spiritual enlightenment and hot chocolate.

He explains that social media has played a strong role in influencing his style as it has opened him up to tonnes of stylish individuals; however he discovered that his own style was being lost while trying to fit in to the ideological norm of Instagram looks and decided then and there that he would stick to his own style, which screams ‘urban hippie’ no matter what. We then began to dissect and discuss his chosen outfit for the day.

Night oozes a steezy aura with every confident stride. He is the epitome of a trendsetter, with his vintage gold framed spectacles copped for a bargain from a charity store and his cinching pink plaited patent belt – he confesses that pink is his new favourite colour so he planned his outfit around the stereotypically feminine colour. Night reckons his style is just a day to day reflection of what he feels like wearing in the morning as he vaguely plans his outfits before hand. His trousers are pink and brand new so he had to wear them for our quick photoshoot. He explained that his top doesn’t normally compliment his other clothing and when he threw it on in the morning he loved how the look came together. One would question why Night would wear a baby pink faux fur peacoat on a warm day in Rosebank, if its any consolation, he had been planning on buying a vintage full length fur coat for the shoot, but had lost out to another buyer. His ombré blond curls are tamed into cute plaits that peek from under his pink corduroy cap that he fits on backwards, reminiscent of the late 80s. Night said the only reason he wore his white Adidas Superstars is because he didn’t have pink shoes.

Only recently has Night allowed his sexuality to infuse with his already bold style and now he experiments with clothing articles from the women department that he feels should really be unisex.

Night has a message for young men out there who are trying to identify themselves as individuals with authentic style and that is, “Stop thinking about whether they’ll like it. If you like it, wear it. The problem with the world is that it likes to define things and if people don’t fall into these definitions, they’re considered outcasts. Let me tell you now, it feels incredible being an outcast. Its amazing when you inspire people.”











Checkout Night’s predominantly pink Instagram feed and give his blog a visit on

Come back next Monday to see the next featured boy in the Breaking Bold blog series.

Thank you for reading. Stay blessed and have a productive week. Xx


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