My apologies for the break I have taken from my weekly blogging. I took some time out to relax and recoup, to regain my focus and mindset, recalibrate myself and centre myself before the New Year, with that being said – Happy New Year. May the universe bless you with positive vibrations, constant energy and enthusiasm and the self motivation to get up and grind on the daily.

While on holiday, my friend GeeGee Straus who was featured in the second part of the Breaking Bold blog series, wore his trademark skirt to a public socializing event called Chillstep in Gaborone Botswana. His bold statement started a Facebook frenzy that lasted over a week long and unfortunately he bore the brunt of dreadful hate and discrimination for simply embodying the notion that fashion should not be gender based. While GeeGee dealt with religious radicals, feminist fanatics and hating hoodlums he soon discovered just how loved and respected he is as well. His friends and fans came out in masses to defend his hashtag movement ‘#BoysInSkirts’ and took to social media to stand in solidarity with his noble cause. The above and below photos are my contribution to the cause that supports the notion that fashion should be celebrated by both genders without being confined to either or.







I styled myself with a black T-shirt and pettycoat from Jet, a trio of different silk robes; the burgundy robe is from Junkie Melville, the sapphire robe is from Miladys Ixopo and the champagne robe is from Stuttafords Gaborone. Both the denim shirt and jacket are from my mothers travels overseas. I wore a choker from the Jewelry Box Gaborone and an African folklore pendant from Kasane to add to the medieval grunge look.

The emotive photos were taken by Larona Mvungama. Visit his Instagram @larona_199 to see more of his work and book a shoot.

Thank you for reading this blog. Xx


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