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Recently my mother and I travelled to Kasane for a much needed relaxation and rejuvenation chill period. We stayed at Chobe River Cottages – our home way from home when in Kasane.

Our trip was quick, however; the laissez faire attitude we had towards a schedule for activities really helped us relax completely. I love the pace of life in Kasane, it is so calm and laid back. There is no room for fomo because if you miss a game drive or river cruise, there are a million others. Life waits for no one yet leaves no one, everyone does what they please when they please, which just creates such a casual way of life.

Part of our trip was to keep a promise made to my grandmother that we would scatter her ashes in the Chobe River. My aunt had scattered some of her ashes in Scotland and my uncle had scattered some of her ashes in the Indian Ocean, so now my grandmother rests peacefully in the Chobe River as well. She was a well travelled woman and it gives me great joy to know that she is still traveling the world through rivers, winds and oceans. As our way of celebrating her life lived, my mother and I went to the Coffee Buzz and ordered some of my nanna’s favourtive treats – milkshakes, cake and brownies. We enjoyed the delicious myriad of sweet treats while we reminisced our cherished memories of her.

As is customary when in Kasane, a sunrise game drive and a late afternoon river cruise accompanied by sundowners is imperative. We booked both excursions with a private tour operator and were treated with the utmost care and attention. On our game drive we were in the hands of our bubbly guide and driver, KC, who was more than enthusiastic about sharing his knowledge about every tree, animal, bird and reptile we came across; which was lovely, because he had us engaged for over three hours. We were fortunate enough to see a small pride of lion lazing about in the road. We saw herd upon herd of impala and many a troop of baboon, but no elephants.  The rainy season fills up the watering holes inland meaning that the elephants no longer have to journey to the great Chobe River out of necessity.

On our river cruise we saw tonnes of hippopotamuses. While in a boat one can truly marvel at their shear size while they are grazing on the river banks, they are like small submarines that have legs. The Chobe River known as the Cuando River in south-central Africa flows through Angola and Namibia’s Caprivi Strip and into the Linyanti Swamp on the northern border of Botswana. Below the swamp, the river is called the Linyanti River and, farther east, the Chobe River, before it flows into the Zambezi River. At a small town called Kazangula several kilometers from Kasane, the Chobe River forms a confluence with the Zambezi River that then goes on to flow over the Victoria Falls. The confluence has formed the worlds only quadripoint, where four countries meet – Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Namibia.

There are many tourist attractions to keep one busy in Kasane such as the little roadside stalls that sell plethoras of authentic African wax batik cotton and hand crafted wooden jewelry. A personal newfound favourtive of mine is a little nondescript Indian cuisine restaurant that has the most mouthwatering curries and naan bread ever – the ultimate is their cheese and cauliflower naan that will have you salivating for more. The Cresta Mowana Safari Resort and Spa boasts a worldclass spa endorsed by Clarins and is well worth a visit for a hot rock massage and deep facial cleanse. There are several riverfront coffee shops aswell as fine dining and a la carte buffets at all safari lodges which have mainly 3 to 5 star ratings. For the young adult looking for the night life vibes, I would recommend the Old House and the Floating Bar, they offer great cocktails and a turn up truly authentic to Botswana.














To follow up and or make bookings on any of the aforementioned places and services please follow the links.

Chobe River Cottages:  

Cresta Mowana Safari Resort and Spa: 

Oldhouse Kasane: 

The Coffee Buzz: 

Leon Safaris: leonsafarisbotswana@gmail.com

Thank you for reading this blog about my travel to one of Botswanas under hyped gems. Take care and stay blessed. Xx


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