Breaking Bold – Teddy Geldart


Teddy Geldart is the eighth featured male in the Breaking Bold blog series. Teddy is the ultimate clean cut metrosexual male with a modern approach to his daily dressing influenced only by his emotions.

I have been an avid follower of Teddy’s, making sure I never miss his latest Instagram posts about his daily style, so it was imperative to collaborate with Teddy for my Breaking Bold blog series. His constant style posts on his impressive Instagram feed have allowed him to connect with stylists and fashionistas worldwide. I was elated when I received his confirmation to collaborate.

After a brief meet and greet in Nelson Mandela Square we ushered ourselves up to the Sandton City roof parking where we had such a great time shooting.

Teddy draws major style inspiration from Kanye West and explained this to me while breaking down his outfit. Teddy said he woke up feeling calm and collected and also wanted to dress so he would be comfortable the whole day as he had a hectic schedule. His choice in the cream chunky knit jersey reflected that and he also liked how it paired with his new pair of J’s. Teddy said that his denim had to be the source of strength in his outfit so he opted for a pair of black jeans which gave the outfit a casual yet street sophisticated vibe. His Polo backpack is his go-to accessory with a function, its basically the dream backpack, offering a touch of practical luxury to any outfit. Teddy is one of the few gents I know who can totally rock obnoxious bling and bold statement rings, props to him for not letting his jewelry pieces wear him!

When asked about how his community has influenced his personal style, Teddy explained that he has dealt with hypermasculine stereotypes, however he has not let them get the better of him. He explained to me that he realizes he is a strong male figure in this community and recognizes that people look up to him, he also says that he is a human before anything and has a right to freedom of self expression, however; with that right comes the responsibility of being cautious and mindful of others feelings.

Meeting and working with Teddy has had a profound impact on me as he taught me a great deal in a short amount of time. I consider myself blessed to have had a little access to his gentle guidance.











Drop Teddy a follow and like some of his photos on his Instagram page @dopezuluboi

Thank you for taking the time to read about this fashionable young trailblazer and his collaboration with me.

Visit us next Monday to see who the next featured guy will be.

Take care and stay blessed. Xx



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