Breaking Bold – Teboho Motumisi


Teboho Motumisi is the tenth and final Breaking Bold blog boy. Blood red cap, severed jeans and a sliced T-shirt ooze a sense of edgy authenticity from Teboho as he cuts through the crowd in Mandela Square towards me – he is Breaking Bold.

After getting lost in the Sandton Sun lobby and being denied entrance to Sandeck due to the rain, Teboho and I made our way to the roof top parking where we proceeded to have our collaborative photoshoot.

“Simple, laid back with an edge,” is how Teboho describes his personal style before explaining that his choice in outfit for the shoot was dictated by his mood when he woke up – the weather was rather dismal so he wanted to feel comfortable yet make a statement. Red being an emotive colour, allowed him to spark a fresh energy in the monotonous drizzly cityscape, as well as pairing well with his ox blood Doc Martens. Denim is super trendy so it was his go to texture for his black cropped shorts and grey jacket, which allowed him to show off his street style. His custom string style tank with its bold caption allows him to communicate volumes about his style and personality without saying a word – he explains that he has a subdued attitude and likes to channel it through his clothing.

Teboho opened up to me about his shyness and how his fashion forward family commented on his dress sense while he was a young boy. He says he never wanted to let them down and would always try hard to look the part of a well raised and groomed young man, which has now led him to believe that he is far more fashion conscience than his family. He has always been open about his sexuality and has never allowed anyone to define him, however; his natural tendency to shy away from verbally opposing discrimination and belittlement in the form of hypermasculine stereotypes has caused him to use fashion as a medium of communication. His keen involvement and approach to dressing himself has allowed him to discover his voice through clothing, thus dissolving his shyness bit by bit everyday.

Teboho wants young men to wear whatever feels comfortable to them and never apologize for what people think.











Follow Teboho’s Instagram feed @saxandbowties to see more of his daily style.

Thank you for reading this blog and being a part of my Breaking Bold blog series. I have had an absolute ball from start to end, every boy that I collaborated with made had a profound impact on me and my perception on fashion. This has been a liberating experience for me as a social awareness photographer and blogger and I hope that it has inspired young men to express themselves through fashion instead of suppressing their emotions.

Take care and keep visiting for more uplifting blogs.




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