Botswana Brands – Pauchoco Designs


Pauchoco Designs was established by Anna Phillips (the brand director and owner of Pauchoco Designs) in 2012 who later, officially registered it as a brand in 2015. Primarily started as a brand to showcase creative designs through printing them on T-shirts, Anna’s blossoming brand is becoming well known for their support of individual creatives nation wide.

Pauchoco Designs T-shirts are all started with a concept that is sketched by an artist who then renders the image as a graphic design. These graphic designs are  manipulated and enhanced with bold colors to increase their market appeal and later they get printed onto T-shirts and are sold for BWP150.00 each or an assortment of three shirts for BWP250.00 while stocks last.

Anna Phillips has gone above and beyond to make sure she equips young talented individuals with the necessary resources to sustain themselves in their respective fields. Last year Anna and her Pauchoco Team gifted me with an entry level Canon camera to take my photography game from mobile photography level to intermediate level. I am still indebted to her kindness. A seamstress benefitted from a brand new sewing machine donated to her by Anna and the Pauchoco Team. Three dance battles on Beef Street were sponsored by Anna and her team as well. Anna is able to give back to her community through profits that she generates from her streetwear brand. How selfless is she?!

Anna sees Pauchoco Designs continuing to support local artists and arts as long as she is able to do so, however; her immediate attention is on her team of young gifted artists. All of the Pauchoco Designs artists are being put through graphical courses to strengthen their skills and broaden their horizons, thus enabling them to increase their overall productivity.

Anna would like to thank all of the positive feedback and support her and her team received in 2016.







Individual shots. Tristan is wearing Darth’s Pet. Nandi is wearing Death by Future. Jordan is wearing Frognation.

In the group shots we are all wearing the Superheroes 11 T-shirts.

To make a purchase or for more information please visit:  

Thank you for reading this blog about an extraordinary woman with a ginormous heart. Xx


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