Fade My Afro – Brady Armstrong


In the third and final blog episode that celebrates the beauty in black boys while taking a more in depth look at the history behind world renown hairstyles, we will dissect the traditional fade and learn of its origins.

You might recall Will Smith and his swavy high top fade in Fresh Prince of Belair, Cuba Gooding Jnr in Boyz in the Hood or Tupac Shakur and Khalil Kain in Juice, these are examples of some of my fave fades on TV. Regardless of who you know for rocking a fade, the truth is, fades are a part of many a mans’ regular barber shop experience on the daily all around the world.

According to the pros at Bevel, “fades originally began as a standard hairstyle in the 1950’s for cadets enlisting in the military and has evolved into a go-to look for todays man.” A fade is when the back and sides of the head are shaved to the skin and the top is gradually blended or “faded” into slightly longer hair. The end result is a smooth transition from shaven skin fading seamlessly into proud plumage.

It takes a patient barber with a steady hand to finesse the fade exactly, as not to leave any seams and unblended lines.

Below are some photographs of a quick collaborative shoot with one of Botswana’s freshest faces in the modeling industry, Brady Armstrong.







Thank you for reading this blog, if you missed the two before this, please keep scrolling on – they are not to be missed!

Take care and stay blessed. Xx




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