Urban Flower – Sethunya Radithoko


As a photographer, I am constantly seeking someone who will inspire me, someone who will allow my work to manifest beyond being a 2D image, someone who will get my creative juices flowing, I am constantly in search of a muse.

For a while now, Sethunya Neo Radithoko has been a constant supporter of my work and to show my gratitude to her I offered her a photoshoot. I asked her to wear what she felt best communicated her personality. She came through in a pink PUMA tee, a baby blue denim jacket, some funky trousers, vintage framed specs, a denim choker by Tamia Frank and make-up to kill!

Soon as I got to snapping she got to posing. Sethunya gave me life while I snapped away! She literally offered me such a fresh vibe that I just couldn’t get enough of. Her persona is bold and brilliant! She just oozed an essence of such voguesque knowledge of the camera and kept me enthralled. I couldn’t have asked for a better shoot.

Checkout some of my fave photos from our less than 15 minute long shoot.









Special thanks to Sethunya, which means ‘Flower’, for inspiring me. Thank you for reading this blog.

Take care and stay blessed. Xx


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