Men are Male


The title of this blog might strike you as being so incredibly blatant that it is almost stupid. Think about it for a second; “Men are Male”, let’s discuss this statement.

What makes men, well men? What makes a man, a man? What makes a human being, well male? The answer is very simple. The only thing that makes a man male is his reproductive organs and testosterone levels. A human’s gender is inherently determined by their X and Y chromosomes, which will in turn determine their reproductive organs, thus ultimately setting them up for a life of societal barriers based on their gender.

The only biological factor affecting a man’s gender is his penis, testes and testosterone, not his clothing, his emotions, his sexual orientation, his hobbies and interests, his friends, nor the music he listens to. Do you get my train of thought?

As  a society we have allowed yourselves, generation after generation to adopt certain ideas, stereotypes and thoughts towards what makes us a man a true man, when in fact, if a human has the above three mentioned things, that human is a man.

It is time to tear down all the crap about how men should dress, behave, walk, talk, ignore their emotions and only love women to be considered a true man.

Men can be attracted to men, women or both, men car wear skirts, dresses, panties, stockings, nail polish and make up, men can listen to Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Rihanna and Nicki Minaj, men can wear whatever cologne or perfume they bloody well want to, men can idolize Kim Kardashian, the Jenner Sisters, Oprah and Tyra Banks, men can sing, men can cry, men can read books, men can sew, men can paint, men can model, men can do absolutely anything they want except hurt another human being, all while being a man. Society has led us to believe what is acceptable and unacceptable for a man to do. Do not fall victim to years of systemic manipulation of the mind.

The below photos are of Joey Junior Aabobe.





Thank you for reading this blog, I hope it resonated with you on a raw level.m

Take care and stay blessed. Xx


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