Wanderlust Minds


This week I collaborated with two very talented individuals. Deinty Seth whose connection to modeling runs deep and is evident in his blossoming portfolio, and Mmakgosi Anita Tau who has built herself a legacy of strikingly thought-provoking poetry.

I wanted to punctuate my very focused and intense blog feed with a revitalising rest. This blog is simply here to allow for a quick breath and to reflect on the power of the mind. Below is a poem written by Mmakgosi Anita Tau to accompany the photographic album of Deinty Seth that I captured.

Here is, a ray of golden hues mimicking the souls of seven stars. Here lives, the liberation of a rebellious muse in motion.We are, the forgotten rivers that poured life into barren minds. The rainbows that never tickled your spirit but teased your skin. We dance with your thoughts but we are not a dream. Free to trace stars in our own skies. Embellishing our waters with winds whenever we feel like it. Our pulse is a chord of serenity played to perfection. The rippling effect of the X-axis without any coordinates. Lost, yet we find ourselves through the rhythm of life that we are often unsure of. Our pallets are stained with mystery. Lips branded with platinum scrolls of poetry. We live like Art is each breath we take. Scared. Scarred. Strong and Sweet.











Special thanks to Deinty Seth and Mmakgosi Anita Tau for collaborating with me with such unbridled enthusiasm. Please visit their Facebook Pages to see more of their work and make bookings, each respectively titled, ‘Deinty Seth’ and ‘Mmakgosi Anita Tau’.

Thank you for reading this blog. Have blessed day and productive week. Xx


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