Tracey Botshabelo

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“I am a whore if I wear too much make-up. I shouldn’t wear booty shorts because I have stretch marks and they disgust people. I am not pretty because I have acne scars all over my face. I shouldn’t wear shorts because I didn’t wax or shave my legs. I shouldn’t wear open toed shoes because I didn’t paint my nails. I shouldn’t eat much because I am fat. I have messy and unattractive hair because I decided to go natural and ditch a wig or weave. I am a basic bitch if I don’t wear make-up. I shouldn’t wear tight dresses and tops because the rolls on my back and tummy make people uncomfortable. I am too dark skinned to wear brightly coloured make-up. I shouldn’t wear sandals because I have ugly feet and stubby toes. I am a careless woman if I walk around with chipped nail polish. I shouldn’t talk loudly because it is ratchet. I shouldn’t sway my hips when I walk because I look like a slut.”

These are a few of the things that young Batswana women hear echoing through their minds on a daily basis. I decided to write this blog in honour of the young women who ignore these bullshit guidelines and do themselves regardless!

I am not going to dive any deeper into this topic, that will come on Thursday – for now just checkout the awesome photos that I took of Tracey.

DSC_0790 copy

DSC_0918 copy

DSC_0813 copy

DSC_0881 copy

DSC_0827 copy

DSC_0889 copy

DSC_0820 copy

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Special thanks to Tracey Botshabelo for fearlessly encapsulating everything that this blog aims to share.

Thank you for reading this blog. Come back tomorrow for a collaborative blog with two gorgeous girls and an accompanying poem written by Mmakgosi Anita Tau.

Take care and stay blessed.

P.S. Please be mindful the next time you to want to pass a comment on the way a girl presents herself. Xx


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