Maungo Labane & Mabedi Mabelebele


This blog is the result of a collaborative effort between myself – photographer and creative director, Mmakgosi Anita Tau – poetic wordsmith, Maungo Labane and Mabedi Mabelebele – gorgeous models.

I decided to share something with you that is well within the long overdue subject of the oppression of women – a powerful blog beautifully delivered. I believe I have achieved that as the photos are stunning and the poem written by Mmakgosi is strikingly thought stimulating. I hope that you will resonate with this blog.

My lips taste like sweet reed. Hard to read like an indispensable breed. Instead of reasoning and hard facts. Some see fresh thigh, highly sensual artifacts.

My body is an ancient ornament. Summon the ashes of Sara Baartman. Her remains will tell you how long we’ve been on display. Only now some sisters call it feminism.

Our vertebrae’s are many carvings of iron. Your Africa rests on the backs of broken women. Salt sits on our wounds, melting under the shadows of Mother Sun. The dark cloak of yoke drops us to our knees until the whispers of victory sing to us.

Until our knees tussle with the sharp granular textures of sand. Burning us, reminding us of our battles at home, at work. Persuading us that we have no other option but to rise. Because our wombs are embroidered with Soldiers and Queens.









Please visit Mmakgosi’s Facebook page to see more of her work and make bookings at ‘Mmakgosi Anita Tau’.

Thank you for reading this blog. See you tomorrow for the fourth blog in this five part mini series. Xx



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