Supernatural Beings – Simba & Louis

DSC_0184BW copy

– adjective
(of a manifestation or event) attributed to some force beyond scientific understanding or the laws of nature.
“a supernatural being”
Synonyms : magical, mystical, miraculous, hypernormal, extramundane.

This moving album was created with the intention of creating structural harmony between two black people who simply look different because of their pigment. The title ‘Supernatural’ also stands to stir your thoughts as well – is albinism a supernatural occurrence, is a special bond shared between two visually different people a supernatural occurrence or is our ability to question all discrimination based on race a supernatural occurrence long overdue?

Hope you engage with this album.

DSC_0284BW copy

DSC_0275BW copy

DSC_0285BW copy

DSC_0210BW copy

DSC_0297BW copy

DSC_0227BW copy

DSC_0173BW copy

DSC_0215BW copy

DSC_0250BW copy

DSC_0191BW copy

DSC_0119BW copy

DSC_0220BW copy

DSC_0161BW copy

DSC_0221BW copy

DSC_0136BW copy

DSC_0302BW copy

Major thank you to Simba Moesi and Louis Mhlanga – the two strikingly unique models in the above album. You can contact both models via their representative agency – X Models Agency page on Facebook.

Have a blessed and safe weekend. Xx


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