Bakang Lobelo


For a while now I have been wanting to create controversial photo albums that really get people talking. I want to challenge the societal construct that is ‘masculinity’ – the world we live in that dictates what is acceptable and what is not in the way a man lives. I feel that I have done so with this album.

Now instead of labeling this album as “gay, strange, explicit, disturbing or wrong” please ask yourself what societal factor has influenced you to think that a boy eating ice cream in a seductive manner is any of the above words in inverted commas? We can attribute our thoughts to symbolism, subtext and even innuendos, but nothing will detract from the power of these photos.

Without further ado, please checkout of the rest of the album, besides; who doesn’t like a little ice cream?













Major thank you to Bakang Lobelo for being so enthusiastic about this shoot. I loved working with a fellow creative who just wants to start conversation through visually provoking an audience. Follow Bakang on his IG ‘@prologuesorowdy’ and listen to his music at

P.S. Follow my photographic IG page where I post all of my provoking photos ‘@shotbyjii’

Take care, stay blessed and indulge in some creamy ice cream. Xx


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