Lentswe Le Moriti: Home of Ancestors – JII Travels


Three Saturdays ago, my family took me on a farewell adventure – a normal trip or excursion, but just as a final way of spending time together before one departs. I haven’t left this world though, lol, I have come back to the city for my second year at varsity. Back to the matter at hand – the farewell adventure, Lentswe Le Moriti.

Lentswe Le Moriti (Lenstwelemoriti) is a tiny village located in the Northern Tuli Game Reserve in Botswana – home to a wide variety of wildlife such as elephants, leopards and lions, zebras, kudu, giraffe, warthogs and the list goes on. Its pretty much in the middle of nowhere in a sense, which is why I love it.

The actual village is about one kilometer away from the incredible sandstone formations, whose unique shapes are caused by rainwater erosion. Upon approaching, the formations look like any other hill, but as you get closer, their shapes begin to amaze and captivate your imagination. I felt as though I was on a distant planet made of grey and tan stone.

This is a must visit for anyone wanting to experience the undersung treasures of Botswana. Checkout the photos below.













Thank you for reading this blog. Take care and stay blessed. Xx



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