Who Gives a Fuck


Awhile ago, someone with quite a formidable online reputation and an even larger following, shared his opinions on homosexuality in Botswana and tried to pass them off as fact. He went as far as to leak private photos shared intimately between two people – as to how he acquired those photos, that’s anyone’s guess. He savagely ripped and tore at the already fragile LGBT community, using awful labels and words to express his homophobic hate, leaving anyone who might feel alone and frightened now shunned and terrified. This single hateful man made such enormous regressive strides and managed to take a chunk of the population with him! This enraged me. So as a homosexual homosapien, I needed to do something for the countless young men out there who feel suffocated by their minds, families and societies.

I decided to create an album that is ultimately a collection of black and white portraits of different young men. The message behind this collection of portraits – they are all men and unless you are intimately involved with them, you should not care about their sexuality.

Sexuality can either be robust and in your face, or it can be delicate and private. You have absolutely no premise in concerning yourself with another person’s sexuality.

Please scroll through the following faces.












Major shoutout to all of the young lads who were more than willing to be a part of this.

Thank you so much for reading this blog. I truly appreciate being able to share my ideas openly with you. Take care and stay blessed. Xx


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