New Beginnings with Diacore Gaborone Marathon


I am so excited to announce that I am one of the new bloggers and social media influencers for Diacore Gaborone Marathon and last week I had the pleasure of hanging out with the Diacore Gaborone Marathon endorsed runners for a taste of their daily morning fitness regimen. It was such a shock! These guys are so incredibly fit! I’m not saying that I am not fit, but I really battled keeping up with their “cool down” pace.

Diacore Gaborone Marathon (hereafter referred to as “DGM”) have headhunted the most promising runners in Botswana and invested in them. By housing, clothing, feeding and taking care of their individual needs, they have allowed these runners to truly and wholeheartedly excel in their passion for running. In return for their generosity, the DGM Team simply request that these runners participate at all qualifying marathons and out-perform themselves each time. Any winnings that the runners make are theirs for the keep. In short, the DGM Team are truly awesome!

Please checkout some of the photos I took of the runners as well as my fellow bloggers and social media influencers below (in order of appearance; Fifi Mathambo, Thapelo Letsebe, Tumie Nthutang, Phenyo Oaitse and myself.











Thank you for reading this blog. Take care and stay fit. Xx


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