Anthony Sebolai


A while ago I collaborated with Anthony Marcus Sebolai to create an album that portrayed self love and appreciation. I reckon we nailed it!

For centuries, indigenous Africans have been subject to Western discretion, their bodies have been fantasised and fetished over, their skin has been demonised and their hair has been held captive to Western beauty standards. I made this sweeping statement as to relate to as many black people as possible – surely you have your own experience. The gist of my idea is – sometimes it feels like black people are only perceived as acceptable for particular roles in life, and this can blamed on Western stereotypes of the average African.

To be a part of concept that empowers the emancipation of one’s mind from the systemic damaging impact that stereotypes and standards have had on black people is nothing short of humbling. Obviously I will always understand that my experience is labeled a “white experience” and therefore I will never truly understand the extent of the systemic brainwashing of an entire race of people, but I will never stop using my voice to bring light to it. So checkout the photos of Anthony below, as they portray a fully liberated African man revelling in his blackness.









To contact or book Anthony, checkout his official Facebook Page ‘Anthony Marcus Sebolai’. Thank you for reading this blog. Be blessed and take care. Xx


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