Soweto Marathon 2017


On Saturday the 5th of November I traveled to Johannesburg as half of the two man social media influencer team for Diacore Gaborone Marathon to produce content on the Old Mutual Soweto Marathon and the runners endorsed by Diacore.

Let me start by saying that I consider myself incredibly lucky, as the other influencer is my ride or die homie, Fifi Mathambo. We are so fortunate to be able to work and grow together, I feel like our journey is a beautiful one and to share it with a childhood friend is simply amazing!

Sunday morning, we were up before the sun rose and by 04:30am we were at the FNB/Soccer City Stadium crawling along in the thick traffic to get to the entrance. At one point Fifi made a joke about the traffic amounting to all the vehicles in Botswana. Lol. I must commend the efficient traffic directors as we were checked for our VIP Parking Pass and guided about 9 times in the space of 600 metres.

The first race which was 42km started at 6am, the 21km and 10km each respectively followed shortly after. I was overwhelmed by the sea of people that ran past my camera lens. It was literally like watching a river of humans gush past me. Everyone was so enthusiastic to be there, the atmosphere was buzzing with smiles and high fives. The event truly was marvelous.

During the time it took Fifi and I to wander back to the finish line and snap a few photos along the way, one of Diacores’ runners, Emmanuel had basically crossed the finish line in the top 10 category for the men’s 10km race. I think all of the Diacore runners did exceptionally well considering that more than 27 000 runners registered to run.

The whole event was a great success and I must attribute that to the seasoned sponsor, Old Mutual and the respective organising personnel.



















To register for the Diacore Gaborone Marathon in 2018 go to: . Thank you so much for reading this blog. Take care and stay blessed.



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