Charcoal Coats: Winter Must Have – JII Styles


Hi there everyone, JII here. I am so sorry for going on a four month long hiatus. I have been incredibly busy with wrapping up production of Colours – a television drama that I am acting in; I have also been focusing hard on completing my second year of university as well as trying to grow my experience as a creative content curator with several local and international brands all while trying to rediscover myself and stay focused on the aforementioned. Thank you so much for your patience.

Since I have been gone, I have had loads of time to contemplate the trajectory of my life and how I plan on heading in the desired direction. One way in which I am going to achieve my goals is through my blog and the content I curate for it. I have decided to introduce a new category that will focus on fashion through my perspective on style and each blog will be titled “JII Styles” appropriately. I also plan to introduce restaurant and food reviews along with the usual travel and social awareness blogs – I can’t wait to embark on this new journey with you guys.

Due to the fact that I have been gone for such a while, I am going to spare you from anymore paragraphs that are unrelated to the sole purpose you’re here – the style! Winter is upon us in Botswana, and although we might experience unusually chilly mornings that melt into uncomfortably hot middays and warm afternoons that make you want nothing more than to dive into the nearest pool – I feel as though I am allowed to wear a tench coat, because, well, its winter.

This blog is about my charcoal hued trench coat that I bought for P350 from a street vendor a couple of years ago. I bought the trench while I was going through the ‘AF1’ style phase – meaning, for a couple of years I would only wear the trench coat paired with my favourite pair of Nike Air Force 1 Low sneakers, which was my ultimate look as the large silhouette of the sneakers balanced out the bulkiness of the chunky trench.

For this casually smart blog; I literally stepped out of my comfort zone by sliding on a pair of black leather Chelsea boots from Bata. The Chelsea boots gave the look a more streamlined finish and added a touch of sophistication to the look when paired with distressed faded jeans. I wanted this look to enable me to hit the cigar lounge straight after a meeting with a business partner and I feel as though I hit the nail on the head – all I had to do was shrug off the trench and I was ready to recline in a comfortable chaise. The white cotton button down with vertical navy stripes gave the look a casual yet imposing air as it added deconstructed structure with several buttons undone to show some chest. I accessorised the look with my Louis Vuitton Zippy Wallet (its more of a necessity to me than it is an accessory) and black leather Emedio Tucci belt, both pieces added a touch of high-end luxé to the look. Photographed by Nature Inger and edited by me, the shoot location was Gaborone CBD – check out the photos for more outfit details below.







Thank you for reading this blog. Till next time, take care. Xx


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