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Elephant Sands is the quarter-of-the-way mark from Nata to Kasane. For many travellers making their up North toward the Namibian, Zambian and Zimbabwean borders Elephant Sands is simply a nondescript concrete sign on the side of the road; but for many, Elephant Sands is a home away from home in the middle of nothingness.

The first time I visited Elephant Sands I must have been eight years old and I was dumbfound to learn that men and elephants could actually coexist harmoniously in the same ecosystem. Elephant Sands is a modest camping ground and lodging for a discerning clientele that want nothing more than to be engulfed by the African wilderness and forget about all of life’s twenty-first century stresses. With accommodation ranging from several clearings for camping grounds around a large open air ablution block that allows you to shower beneath a sky of stars to several quaint rondavels, family A-frame bungalows and even canvas tents on stilts all set around one central watering hole where the wildlife drink in abundance, Elephant Sands promises you a truly unique experience.

As the estate is centred around a large watering hole, you are guaranteed wildlife viewings pretty much twenty-four-seven. The animals literally meander between the various types of accommodation to get to the watering hole which offers you a surreally close up photo opportunity from your verandas with the animals. I recommend Elephant Sands to anyone yearning to be immersed in the Botswana wilderness.

The photos of the elephants featured in this blog were taken with a Nikon D3300 18-55mm Standard Kit Lens while I was sitting on the restaurant and bar terrace overlooking the watering hole – I was literally 6 metres from the elephants. I edited the photos to add a touch of fantasy to this blog because I feel as though Elephant Sands is a magical place so I might as well share a bit of intrigue with you.

For more info on Elephant Sands please visit: elephatsands.com


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