Pinstripe: Trousers With Zest – JII Styles


Hi there, JII here. I hope you had a stylish week. I’m back with another style blog, this one is for all the guys and girls who have a fave pair of sneakers, and are tired of being told they cannot wear them with trousers.

I am beyond bored with hearing people who think they are fashion-forward say that men aren’t supposed to wear formal trousers with sneakers because it ruins the sophisticated integrity of the look. I will rebuttal the aforementioned ideology by stating that one; sneakers are eleven times more comfortable than any pair of loafers or brogues, two; we are living in the twenty-first century where fashion is becoming more liberal everyday and three; don’t tell me how to style myself.

Now that I have aired my personal frustrations with the world, allow me to get into the looks that I styled with my all-time favourite pair of off-white Nike Air Force 1 ’07 LV8 lows together with a pair of chocolate brown trousers with a bold white pinstripe as the base for all three outfit variations. My inspiration for these looks was the idea of going out to the club with my baddies. I wanted to remain true to myself by wearing my fave pair of sneakers as they always make me feel like such a badass, show off my banging legs with a figure-hugging pair of pinstripe trousers and I wanted to feel like I made an effort to look stylish for a night on the town.

The first outfit variation, features a white button down shirt from The House Of Kings and a black wool blend overcoat from Markham. I appreciate this variation as it is a classic powerhouse silhouette that will definitely get you noticed by all of your potential suitors. The strong sophistication of this look allows one to feel as though they own the club. The second outfit variation, features a white stretch-knit turtle neck from Legit underneath a black suede biker jacket from the Edgars JX range.  This is a streamline variation that channels rather imposing Eastern European connotations and will certainly have you feeling like a million Euros while you sip your vodka and eye the game. The final outfit variation is for the laid back kids who just want to exude effortless sex appeal – there is nothing more attractive than a crisp white undershirt. The mentality that undergarments are not to be seen is so outdated. Give the people what they want by showing up in a casual long sleeved stretch-fit cotton shirt from the Mr Price mens loungewear range. This look will instantly display your biceps and triceps while translating your relaxed state of mind and will absolutely make you more approachable.

Photographed by Bos’e M Bonda and edited by me, the shoot location was the Thamalakane river in Maun, Botswana – check out the photos for more outfit details below.









Thanks for reading this blog, till next time. Xx





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