Bundu Bashing: Exploring the Kalahari – JII Travels


As the title suggests, this blog will take a look at my latest adventures in the North-Western bush veld of Botswana – where I learnt that zebras have white stripes to reflect heat in summer and black stripes to absorb heat in winter as well as the fact that male giraffes’ spots turn black after the age of fifteen.

Walking through the thick white sand of the northern Kalahari, I started to feel closer to the earth in a sense I have never felt before. Being nothing but a mass of water and flesh and bones among a million Mopane trees was the most surreally peaceful sensation. I felt as though every fibre within me was aware of the vastness of my surrounds. My body felt the pulses of the trees, sand, rocks and wind that had been there long before me and knowing that they will be there long after my footprints have blown away made me feel small and insignificant in such a gentle way – it was almost like the very earth that I was standing on was humbling me. To say that I experienced something spiritual would be less than apt. My body and soul were one with the ancient and untouched earth. It was a safari that I will never forget.

Below are some photographs I captured while exploring the beautiful bush lands. I wanted to capture every little detail, from tiny flowers, leopard and insect tracks in the sand to snake skin, I wanted to share the awesomeness of the Kalahari with you.









Thanks for reading this blog, till next time, take care. Xx


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