Brandon Moyo

MILK – noun an opaque white fluid rich in fat and protein, secreted by female mammals for the nourishment of their young. This album was inspired by the “menaretrash” hashtag movement that set the internet ablaze by either women who understood the true meaning behind it, or ignorant and bruised boys who couldn’t bare the […]

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Bakang Lobelo

For a while now I have been wanting to create controversial photo albums that really get people talking. I want to challenge the societal construct that is ‘masculinity’ – the world we live in that dictates what is acceptable and what is not in the way a man lives. I feel that I have done […]

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Supernatural – Simba & Louis

SUPERNATURAL – adjective (of a manifestation or event) attributed to some force beyond scientific understanding or the laws of nature. “a supernatural being” Synonyms : magical, mystical, miraculous, hypernormal, extramundane. This moving album was created with the intention of creating structural harmony between two black people who simply look different because of their pigment. The […]

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Emma Imsirovic

About a month or so ago, I met up with my friend Emma Imsirovic to have a photo shoot that would empower her as an individual and more importantly as a woman of the 21st century. We discussed different concepts, locations and make up, only to come to a grinding halt at the topic of […]

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Maungo Labane & Mabedi Mabelebele

This blog is the result of a collaborative effort between myself – photographer and creative director, Mmakgosi Anita Tau – poetic wordsmith, Maungo Labane and Mabedi Mabelebele – gorgeous models. I decided to share something with you that is well within the long overdue subject of the oppression of women – a powerful blog beautifully […]

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Tracey Botshabelo

I am a whore if I wear too much make-up. I shouldn’t wear booty shorts because I have stretch marks and they disgust people. I am not pretty because I have acne scars all over my face. I shouldn’t wear shorts because I didn’t wax or shave my legs. I shouldn’t wear open toed shoes […]

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Mzinga Girl – Tamia Frank

For years and years Africa has been shown through the perspective of Westerners. Now more than ever, young African creatives are beginning to repaint the image of Africa and her many countries and ethnic groups. Liberal individuals are sharing their first hand stories and experiences about their homeland through mediums such as photography, blogging, poetry, […]

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Wanderlust Minds

This week I collaborated with two very talented individuals. Deinty Seth whose connection to modeling runs deep and is evident in his blossoming portfolio, and Mmakgosi Anita Tau who has built herself a legacy of strikingly thought-provoking poetry. I wanted to punctuate my very focused and intense blog feed with a revitalising rest. This blog […]

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Fierce Fatale

Recently I got my second opportunity to work with Botswana’s premier androgynous model – Theo Kesaobaka. From the day I met Theo, we have kept in close contact and often chat about the different scenarios she faces on a day to day basis. Only a few weeks ago during the University of Botswana strikes, she […]

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Men are Male

The title of this blog might strike you as being so incredibly blatant that it is almost stupid. Think about it for a second; “Men are Male”, let’s discuss this statement. What makes men, well men? What makes a man, a man? What makes a human being, well male? The answer is very simple. The […]

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